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Why should I have my oven cleaned?

Cleaning your oven is a chore most people put off for as long as possible, it can feel like the sort of task that will take forever and result in less impressive outcome, leaving your kitchen dirtier than when you started.


Elite Oven Clean do all of the hard and unpleasant work and leave you with a shiny, clean oven you can be proud of.

How long will the cleaning process take?

This depends on the size of your oven, a standard single/double oven should take 2 hours

These times may vary depending on the initial condition of the oven upon our arrival.

How soon after being cleaned can the oven/appliance be used?


In a word "straightaway"

How often should I have my oven cleaned?


We advise having your oven cleaned every 9-12 months dependant on how often it is used, regular deep cleaning will not only help your oven performance, but also prolong its working life.

How can I arrange to have my oven/kitchen appliance cleaned?


Simply click here

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy


We appreciate that there are times when an appointment needs to be re-arranged, postponed or, in exceptional circumstances, cancelled. Please note our fees below to cover costs in these circumstances.

Where an appointment is rescheduled and we have received at least 48 hrs notice, there is no fee payable. Notification within 36 hrs will attract a 10% of the booked work fee and rescheduled appointments where we are notified on the day that works are diaried to be undertaken will attract a 25% of the booked work fee.

In cases when works are cancelled and not rescheduled, the following policy applies. There is no fee if we are given in excess of 48 hours notice. Cancellation notification within 36 hrs of a diaried appointment will attract a 50% of the booked work fee and cancellation notification on the day that an appointment is booked will attract a 100% fee.

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